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About me


                I love to talk about my photography journey as it’s unique. I’m Pune based photographer, mesmerized by the beauty this world has to offer, in terms of landscapes, streets, cultures, people, colors, weddings etc. the list goes on & on. It all started with capturing beautiful flowers in our garden when I was in school back then, and today I’m here, shooting beautiful weddings for the most amazing people around and giving them a gift of lifetime memories through my photographs that stands test of the time!

               Having said that, I never decided to be a photographer. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. I have always been attracted to artistic and creative things like painting, calligraphy, crafting etc. in childhood. I made very typical career choices like most 90’s kids. I come from small town in Maharashtra, Jath, where I spent my school life. I graduated as an Engineer from Sinhgad College of Engineering and later post graduated from National Insurance Academy with the tag of MBA in Insurance. In all those years of investing my brain into technical things, photography was my comfort zone to calm my creative nerves. My dad gifted me small point and shoot camera while I was studying and there was no looking back thereafter. I started traveling, exploring and experimenting with different aspects of photography and all those efforts and years of learning have made me the person I’m today.

                To be honest, it was accidental yet best decision to be a wedding photographer. It was just my attempt to sponsor my gears and travel while pursuing education. But I’m thankful I made that decision because now I know, I don’t just shoot weddings, I absolutely love weddings. I always love to interact with people, know their story, and weddings are perfect opportunity to unfold that story through photographs in a natural way. Weddings are truly ‘celebration for a lifetime’ and unique to each couple. I love to shoot weddings in an unobstructed way as much as possible so that I’m able to tell your story in a real way, with the moments of truth, joy & emotion with little splash of fun, so that natural magic of your story is preserved and when family from the next generations takes a look at that story, they get honest picture of what happened on your big day.

              I understand that photography needs are different for everyone and that’s why I always insist on personal candid meetups so that I can help you with what you are looking for. Flip through my work this website has to offer and let me know if you think MBA guy can be a good photographer too. Also, discussion over a cup of coffee (actually, I'm tea person) is always a good idea!

Apart from Photography, Traveling & Reading are my hobbies and I never say no to food!

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