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Wedding Films are all about stories in motion. We approach our cinematic wedding films to have a combination of both manufactured narratives to make them unique and dazzling along with surprising real moments from your big day. On the other hand, our documentary / traditional films are all about recording events the way it happened, without altering anything and keeping it natural. Pre-wedding videos are all about the pre-decided storyline and flow the way it suits to each couple. We suggest different ways to do it and discuss as per your requirements before the shoot. If you are someone who is shy about posing/acting in front of the camera, you aren't alone. Most people tell me this before shooting, and still, films come out to be amazing, because we will make you comfortable and shoot in a manner that suits you. If you want it to be a bit unorthodox, we are happy to listen to your ideas and then suggest a few of our own making them unique. Scroll and enjoy them on a full screen! Teasers of the respective films are also uploaded, please click on load more button further.

On this page, we have uploaded our Cinematography video samples from both Pre-weddings & weddings. Traditional / documentary video samples from the wedding are of 2 to 3 hours usually and don't make sense to upload. You can check our FAQs to know more about the difference. However, one traditional video highlights video is uploaded for your reference. This is the brief list of deliverables that you can expect from a video perspective (depending on the package)

1. Cinematic Pre-wedding film (of about 5 mins) along with Teaser (of about 1 min)

2. Traditional / Documentary wedding film (of about 2 to 3 hrs) and handpicked highlight video (of about 5 to 10 mins)

3. Cinematic wedding film (of about 7 to 8 mins) along with Teaser (of about 1.5 min)

We don't really count the length of the video, these stats are from experience. More the heart present at the wedding, and more you enjoy it, greater will be the video story. Please get in touch for more info. We are happy to help.

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