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1. Are you willing to travel outside Pune for wedding and other assignments?

Yes. We are available for shoots across India & we love to travel a lot.


2. How soon will I get the pictures, videos & cinematic films for my wedding?

For pre-weddings, you will receive everything within 7 business days. For weddings, you receive retouched photos draft for selection within 10 days, cinematic video within 10 days, traditional video within 30 days and album within 30 days (after your selection)



3. What does a wedding photographer do?

Your wedding memories are going to be part of your family legacy, cherished for years. And arguably we do the most important part of your wedding. Capturing and documenting everything, the way it happened. From the tiniest details and unplanned candid moments to big ceremonies and rituals, everything is recorded for you to revisit your big day. You will be super busy on the B-day and it passes just like that even before you know it.


4. What is traditional wedding photography & candid wedding photography?

Documentation of rituals, flow of event, group pictures & guest coverage makes the traditional photography. Smiles, laughter, tears, emotions without making a posed appearance captured in an unobstructed way is what candid wedding photography is all about. Timing, observation, attentiveness, art and skills play important role here, as some good moments never happen twice. Candid pictures are proof of how family members / couple enjoyed the event.


5. What is a traditional & cinematic wedding video?

Typical wedding cassette that people refer to is nothing but traditional videography. Full video documentary of your event, depending on number of days and functions. Families will watch this together and recall their memories for that day. Whereas cinematography is creative way of film making and documenting your event while telling the story. It involves angling, lightning, direction, storyline, positioning and creative editing. These moments are the proof of how much heart is present in the wedding, presented in a very beautiful and artistic way. Drone shots are often combined with cinematic video.



6. What does a wedding photography package / deliverable include?

Typically, a wedding photography deliverable should include processed photographs, a wedding film & album.



7. How would you define your style of photography?

I believe in keeping things simple and authentic. We cover everything the day has to offer, from early morning preparations to the evening dancing. We are flexible and will do everything we can to ensure you have a fantastic collection of images to cherish forever. I am there to document your day as it should be - real. Instead of bossing around, I like to involve myself as guest, soaking in all the moments happening around and making photographs out of them. Even for the couple shots, I try to bring out the natural chemistry and bond the couple shares.



8. What is your pricing?

No two weddings are alike, and the cost of your wedding photography and films depends entirely on the scope of work. Anyone who has standard package to throw at you, doesn’t care about your requirements. Give us a call, let us ask you few important details, and then we will send the quotation with optimum team size. Having said that, our pre wedding packages range from 14K to 40K and wedding packages range from 30K to 1.70L. So, it’s always a good idea to have it tailored for you.


9. What if one or more of my wedding functions goes on for a little longer than what we've discussed and aligned on?

We understand that weddings (Indian weddings especially) don't run exactly on schedule. We are flexible on timings to a reasonable degree. If an extension to timings happens at the wedding, then we will continue to shoot based on our capability & adjustments to pricing will be made later.



10. Who decides the location and dresses for pre-wedding shoots?

It will be decided mutually. We can guide you / suggest you few of them for appropriate locations with our experience & expertise. Also, we can suggest you few vendors for renting. Ultimately, it’s your call.



11. If we cannot make it for the shoot on the decided day, can we reschedule it for the genuine reason?

We will try to accommodate it if circumstances allow, for the genuine reason. If not, you will have to pay the nominal charge for the rescheduling.



12. Can we get some discount on our pre-wedding shoot if wedding is with you?

Yes, pre wedding shoot is complimentary on our one of the wedding packages. Go grab it!


13. Do you do other assignments apart from weddings?

Yes, we do shoot Portfolio / Portraits, Newborn / Kids, Events / Parties, Maternity, Interior / property etc. Get in touch if you are interested. Relevant portfolio and charges will be shared with you separately. We are happy to grab different opportunities to strengthen our learning curve and polish our creativity.



14. Can we get a refund if something goes wrong?

If it’s our fault, you will get the refund you deserve for sure. However, for other reasons we cannot guarantee refunds. We will consider it for genuine reasons though.


15. How many team members should I expect at my wedding?

Again, depending on the scope of work and your coverage. We don’t believe in overwhelming wedding with team’s size. I have shot some weddings alone and some with 7 team members. So, it is tailored for you needs.


16. What’s your payment method?

30% of the total amount at the time of booking.

50% amount needs to be paid after wedding shoot (before leaving)

And remaining 20% should be paid at the time of receiving deliverables.

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