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NIA stands for National Insurance Academy, the premier institute situated in Pune & my Alma mater. I completed my post-graduation in the year 2019. Apart from being the so-called IIM of Insurance expertise in India, this institute is famous for the beautiful campus it has. Being the Photography enthusiast this was one of the many reasons I opted for this college for post-graduation and turned out that I wasn't wrong. It not only gave me an opportunity to capture the college beauty amidst sunset and sunrise but also it gave me a sense of calmness. I enjoyed walking in the campus with my camera, sitting peacefully on benches while hearing the chirping of hundreds of birds and absorbing the beauty of the campus around, many times. It was two unforgettable years of my eyes. I'm uploading a few of them here so that my batch-mates and other people from my institute can visit them anytime. This shall work as a perfect throwback for their memories.

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